Wellness & Sport


Keeping fit and healthy living is a way of life on the Costa del Sol and there truly are endless options on both sea and land.

The Costa del Sol offers many incredible water sports activities and on the beaches you can enjoy kite surfing, water skiing, fly boarding, diving and much more. Water sports are an awesome way to fill yourself with energy and give you a feel of adventure, tranquillity and balance. There are also a huge variety of spiritual activities which include resorts designed specifically for that, and yoga being a mainstay of that.

Marbella, Estepona and Mijas Costa are already working on extending their sea front promenades to connect these three municipalities. The master plan which is well underway is connecting more than 160 kilometres of coastline in one uninterrupted beach walkway, and which will put the Costa del Sol into the Olympic Champion’s league for fitness challenges, leisure, and coastal accessibility. This along with many urban park projects gives the Costa del Sol a great variety of amenities for those looking to truly experience the outdoors.

Costa del Sol offers you the chance to see basketball, premier ‘La Liga’ football, polo tournaments, as well as take part in marathons, charity walks, races and cycling activities. The climate on the Costa del Sol allows for these outdoor activities year round and this is one of the reasons why it has become such a popular wellness and sport destination. Walking and rambling holidays are very popular here with thousands of marked trails into the hills and mountains.
No guide about sport on the Costa del Sol would be complete without mentioning golf – it truly is a golfers paradise, and known around the world for it. More than 70 well maintained golf courses and close to perfect playing conditions all year around – you could play a different golf course every weekend for a year and never play the same one twice. Many of these clubs also offer a variety of other sports and leisure options as well.

Costa del Sol is an ideal place to embrace a healthy life style. You will find a great selection of the finest spa hotels, beauty clinics, health resorts with excellent reputations. The cultural, sport and wellness offer, its cuisine and famous Mediterranean lifestyle mean it is a perfect place for you to relax and recover from any condition, or just feel great!

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