Investing on the Costa del Sol


There are multiple benefits to investing in Real Estate and/or business ventures in a cosmopolitan region like the Costa Del Sol:

Capital appreciation of
the purchase,
business or

A ‘Pick and Mix’
approach to
– ask us!

Profit from a sound
business concept
or development

Rental Income

Very low
Interest rates.

Solid infrastructure.

Updated Legal
framework to
protect you.

The ability to enjoy
the property while
at the same time
reaping the rewards.


As we all know money sitting in the bank is at best a break even proposition these days, with interest rates at the lowest levels the world has ever seen. Investing in a venture where real estate forms the basis of the investment on the Costa del Sol is desirable. Property prices, particularly in Marbella and surrounding areas, have been climbing steadily for the past few years and offer an attractive investment option, both in terms of rental income and capital growth.

Why should I invest on the Costa Del Sol

On a weekly basis a multitude of articles and reports are written concerning the health of the construction and real estate markets in Marbella, along with the ‘feel good factor’ that is very much to the fore on the Costa del Sol. The coast is once again coming into its own, having long since left behind a difficult period of recovery from the world-wide 2008 economic downturn, with culture, security, and geography all playing their part.

Summing up the media reports on the Costa Del Sol shows there are marked increases across the board, backed up by statistics on the continued growth, expansion, and optimism in nearly all sectors, from construction to property sales and crucially record-breaking tourism figures.

The feeling of optimism generated is palpable, and as government spending increases on amenities and infrastructure, along with private investment projects of all types, we at Marley Properties Marbella would be delighted to help guide you in turning your unique vision of investing in a Costa del Sol Portfolio into a reality. We can help you realise your vision and achieve your goals.

Golden Visa Spain

We at Marley Properties Marbella recommend only the best legal counsel, which is very important when looking to obtain a ‘New Residence Permit’ in Spain, also known as a ‘Golden Visa’. There is also the flexibility to organise Fiscal Residency if you stay in Spain for more than 180 days a year.

The Golden Visa law came into force on the 30th of September 2013, and all nationalities are eligible to benefit from it. To qualify for such a visa — which not only gives a right to live in Spain, but also to travel through all Schengen Agreement countries — the requirements are as follows:

– Investment of a minimum €500,000 in Real Estate.
– Proof of Medical Insurance
– Proof of being able to support family and properties in Spain.
– Clean criminal record.

FAQ’s about Golden Visa in Spain

– Can I buy multiple properties that combined have a value of over the minimum? YES

– Can I request a mortgage for the amount above the minimum? YES

– Can partners purchase in both names to the minimum value? In this case neither party would be eligible as each would represent 50%, which means a total of €1,000,000 would need to be invested. HOWEVER if the head of the family can show commitment to support the rest of the family through a sponsorship letter, residency for the others can be obtained, even for a parent who needs support.

– If I buy a property off-plan and I have deposited more than the minimum, would I then receive my residency? No – you would only receive it once you get the title deeds.

– Could I get residency buying through a non-resident company? Yes just as long as you are the majority shareholder

– Can I submit the application about an acquisition done prior to this law coming into effect in 2013? Yes, this would be viewed retroactively.

– What are the deadlines for applications? There is no deadline.

– For how long is the residence valid for? Initially a one year period, and then the renewals after that every two years under the condition that the circumstances did not change.

Other benefits include:

– Quicker processing of about 10 days for the first period of residency as compared to about one year using other avenues.

– When renewing the process it takes 20 days – which is a simple process.

– There is no need to stay in Spain for any specific period of time, as long as there is a visit at least once during the Residency Visa period.

– You will remain fiscally resident in your own country as long as you stay in Spain under 180 days a year.

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