10 bedrooms Commercial in Mijas

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€ 600,000
Ref: R2329085

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PROPERTY OF FULL DOMAIN - Laboratory of Cosmetics, located on a land of 406.3 m2, qualified as industrial, by the City of Mijas, as well as an industrial warehouse of 780.3 m2. 1.1 Authorization of cosmetic installation activities. Storage, control, conditioning, packaging, manufacturing and labeling; of the following forms of presentation: solutions, suspensions, emulsions and gels. 2.2 Authorization by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Pharmaceutical Laboratory: Holder of Medicines Authorization based on Medicinal Plants, Drug Holder, Drug Merchant, Manufacturer of Medicines. Total Manufacturer of Oral Solids: powders for infusion, capsules and non-sterile powders. 2.3 Authorization by the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía, as a laboratory of dietetics, for the manufacture and / or processing and / or transformation of: plant species for infusions of food use, Cola (cola nut), infusions of food use ; Packaging of vegetal species for infusions of alimentary use, Cola (nut of tail), infusions of alimentary use. Authorization of cosmetic installation activities. Storage, control, conditioning, packaging, manufacturing and labeling. FACILITIES. * LABORATORY OF MEDICINAL PLANTS: a total area of ??218.28 m2, reception, toilets, corridor, exclusive, raw material, and conditioning, weighing, mixing, laundry, mixed with bicone, packaging, rooms of semi-finished products, finished and sampling. Departure hall and expedition. * LABORATORY OF DIETETICS: reception, locks, corridors, toilets, raw material and conditioning, weighing room, laundry, packaging, semi-finished and finished product, and shipment. They make a total of 145 m2. * Stair and reception: 25 m2 * COSMETIC LABORATORY: Reception of cosmetics, lobby, toilets, hall, manufacturing room, blisters, semi-finished product, laundry, weighing, packaging, finished product, shipment and room for raw materials and packaging. They make a total area of ??178 m2. * OFFICES: Exhibition hall, secretary, meeting room, archives, secretariat, offices, extractors room, bathroom and private. With a total of 216 m2. MACHINERY. Capsule filler, capsule orientator, biconical mixer, V-shaped drum, planetary beater, drying oven, crop stove, water bath, thermostatic bath, distiller, ph meter, laminar flow hood, filling machine. 10 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Built 780 m², Terrace 10 m².

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